Abolaji Coker returned from National Youth Service Corp to find his house, which he left in the care of his cousin, now over-run with young men and women smoking, drinking and engaging in other debauchery. Furious, he attempts to regain control of his house and return it to sanity. He soon finds out his house had been converted to the den of a notorious cultist group in which his cousin belongs.

Abolaji now realizing he might not be able to change a thing is resigned to fate but before he could get out of the scene he is caught up in a cultist clash where a gun fight ensued. His cousin is shot and dies instantly; Abolaji is also shot and dying fast.

In his unconscious state, Abolaji enters the spirit realm, where he meets AJABGEJA, a wandering spirit of an ancient warrior who offers him a second chance to live again but with a condition.