Raised in an orphanage, Enobong Akpan is plagued with a chain of misfortunes which haunts her right from her childhood. She confronts her challenges with defiant curiosity but her true spiritual origin is yet to unravel. Unsure of her spirituality, Eno plays a juggling act between the human world and the spirit realm. Hence an endless struggle with villains from the spirit realm bent on disrupting the normal life she craves.

Ismaila “easy” Kazeem, an amateur boxer struggling to go pro gets desperate as age runs out on him and his dreams of becoming a world champion; his only way out of the poverty that cripples his responsibilities to his child and her mother. The story of his life changes after he consults an African Witch doctor who gives him a charmed arm band that grants him powers beyond his wildest dreams. With his newfound powers, will he go ahead to achieve his dreams of becoming world champion? Or is he about to find out that with great powers come great pain.

Dawal Yinusa, a Nigerian born US Marine returns to his homeland to be wedded to the lady of his dreams, the honey-moon isn’t over when his bride goes missing. He would turn the world upside down to find her. His quest takes him deeper into Nigerian Crime underworld, but this vigilante will stop at nothing until he finds his bride.