Eno is a teenager who is haunted by her heritage in the spirit realm. A demi-demon herself, she is a great target for tragedies involving various spirit beings from other realms, seeking to take her powers. After surviving through unfortunate events from her childhood till her orphanage days, Eno tries to accept the challenges and surmount them.


After witnessing the death of his mother, he was sent to the U.S by Chief Yinusa to continue his studies there. He became a Navy seal in the time spent there. Whilst having a drink in a random bar, bidding time for the next one-night stand, he encountered Anita Okafor, a Nigerian lady, during her daily rounds of evangelism in the same bar. They became friends after he saved her from jesters who tried to have a go at her and soon their friendship turned romantic when Anita spent an unforgettable night at Dawal’s place. Dawal quit the Navy to marry and settle down with Anita byt she was kidnapped before he could achieve any of his dreams. He became a vigilante in search of his bride.