Floyd Mayweather wannabe, Ismaila “Easy” KAZEEM struggles to go pro with his boxing as age moves too fast on him. To make ends meet, he does the dirty job for a criminal kingpin, known as CHIEF all against his good conscience and better judgment. He is overweighed by the burden of being the right role model for his eight year old daughter who shares his knack for standing up to bullies.
In Kazeem’s desperate quest to find breakthrough in his boxing career by all mean necessary, he stumbles unto a charmed armband that makes his punch the most powerful alongside other unusual powers. He gets into trouble when he decides to quit being a thug for CHIEF and starts using his powers to defend the weak in his ghetto community. Because he already knows too much and is now sworn to stop all clandestine operations of CHIEF, CHIEF sends the toughest of his thugs to take him down. Kazeem becomes the most unlikely Ghetto Hero popularly called BOXSA.